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Polish Society of Forensic Medicine and Criminology together with the Chair and Department of Forensic Medicine of Medical University of Lublin invite to the 18th congress of our society which will take place in Lublin on 18th - 20th September 2019.


As an initiative of national society, the official language of the conference is Polish. However, our guests have always the opportunity to present their lectures in English.



Congress topics


The main theme of the Congress is “Forensic medicine and diagnostics – commonality of purpose, synergy of effects”.


Leading topics of the Congress will comprise various aspects of diagnostic procedures used in medico legal expertise.


Key topics (main sessions):


  • Cooperation of experts with legal authorities
  • Forensic imaging and visualizations of forensic data for courts
  • Forensic toxicology and necrochemical diagnostics (toxicological markers)
  • Forensic genetics – new perspectives beyond identification and kinship testing
  • Other types of diagnostic studies used in medico-legal expertise and criminalistics.


Additional topics (thematic sessions):


  • Current issues in medico-legal expertise in the aspects of social expectations
    • Verification of medical malpractice
    • Expert testimony in civil and insurance cases
    • Assessment of crimes against life and health
  • Reconstruction of injury mechanism and circumstances
  • Forensic anthropology, odontology and entomology
  • Medico-legal and toxicological case reports


Papers which combine various areas of forensic sciences will be selected for presentations at interdisciplinary plenary sessions.


Following workshops are planned during the Congress:


  • Multimodal imaging for court forensic visualizations for courts with the use of different types of medical imaging
  • GC/MS & LC/MS in toxicology
  • Hypervariable mtDNA regions sequencing with NGS technology
  • Panel discussion on selected aspects of medico-legal expertise (whiplash injury)


All participants and accompanying persons are encouraged to combine the scientific program with visiting tourist attractions of our over 700-years old town.

Congress takes place on the jubilee of 75 years of the Chair and Department of Forensic Medicine of Medical University of Lublin.

Congress organizers:



Polish Society of Forensic Medicine and Criminology

Chair and Department of Forensic Medicine of Medical University of Lublin






Polish Society of Forensic Medicine and Criminology (PTMSiK) was established during the Funding Assembly in 1938. After the break caused by World War II, the Society was reactivated took place in 1949.


The purpose of PTMSiK is to organize, foster and disseminate scientific research  and practice in the field of forensic medicine, toxicology, genetics and other related sciences, as well as representing our community and promoting scientific achievements. One of the ways to implement the above goals is to organize nationwide scientific conferences. Such events gather the entire community of forensic physicians, toxicologists and forensic geneticists, as well as specialists from other fields of forensic science and professionally active prosecutors and judges. The foreign guests also participate in these meetings.


The PTMSiK Scientific Congresses have been held triennially since 1955 (initially every 5 years, then every 3 years) and are co-organized together with one of the forensic department of Medical Universities (each congress is traditionally held at other academic center).


List of the past Congress venues:


  1st Congress (1955) WARSZAWA (WARSAW)

  2nd Congress (1960) BIAŁYSTOK

  3rd Congress (1965) WROCŁAW

  4th Congress (1970) KRAKÓW

  5th Congress (1975) GDAŃSK

  6th Congress (1979) LUBLIN

  7th Congress (1984) KATOWICE

  8th Congress (1987) POZNAŃ

  9th Congress (1992) BYDGOSZCZ

10th Congress (1995) BIAŁYSTOK

11th Congress (1998) ŁÓDŹ

12th Congress (2001) WARSZAWA (WARSAW)

13th Congress (2004) KRAKÓW

14th Congress (2007) SZCZECIN

15th Congress (2010) GDAŃSK

16th Congress (2013) WROCŁAW

17th Congress (2016) KATOWICE


The presentations which will get positive reviews will be published in the PTMSiK quarterly journal "Archive of Forensic Medicine and Criminology" („Archiwum Medycyny Sądowej i Kryminologii”).





18th Scientific Congress of the Polish Society of Forensic Medicine and Criminology will be held within the main campus of Medical University of Lublin in several buildings located within walking distance:


  • Collegium Pathologicum (location of Chair and Department of Forensic Medicine of Medical University of Lublin) – Jaczewskiego 8b
  • Jakliński Hall – upper hall named after prof. Andrzej Jakliński
  • Kleinrok Hall – lower hall named after prof. Zdzisław Kleinrok



Congress Office localization and Opening Hours:

  • September 18, 2019:
  • 08:30 – 13:00 Collegium Pathologicum hall, Jaczewskiego 8b
  • 13:30 – 17:00 Medical Simulation Center hall, Chodźki 4


  • September 19, 2019:
  • 08:30 – 18:30 Medical Simulation Center hall, Chodźki 4


  • September 20, 2019:
  • 08:30 – 13:30 Medical Simulation Center hall, Chodźki 4
  • 14:00 – 18:30 Collegium Pathologicum hall, Jaczewskiego 8b 





Lublin is the largest city of eastern Poland and the largest academic center to the east of Vistula river.

It has been founded in 1317. The celebrations of 700 years of Lublin history have just finished and this year the city commemorates 450 anniversary of Union of Lublin, which formed the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Lublin offers wide range of tourist attractions worth visiting after the official part of the Congress.




September 17, 2019, Tue

09:00 – 18:00     genetic workshop


September 18, 2019, Wed

09:00 – 14:00     Thematic workshops

12:00 – 14:00     Board Meeting of the Polish Society of Forensic Medicine and Criminology

14:00 – 16:00     General Assembly of the Polish Society of Forensic Medicine and Criminology (CSM Hall)

17:00 – 18:00     Official Opening Ceremony

19:00 – 24:00     Official Dinner


September 19, 2019, Thu

09:00 – 09:30     Opening of the Congress, Guest Welcome, Ceremony of naming the lecture hall

09:30 – 13:00     Plenary sessions

13:00 – 14:00     Lunch

14:00 – 18:00     Thematic sessions, Expert panel discussion

19:00 – 24:00     Meeting


September 20, 2019, Fri

09:30 – 13:00     Plenary sessions

13:00 – 14:00     Lunch

14:00 – 18:00     Thematic sessions

18:00 – 18:30     Closing ceremony of the official part of the Congress



This is the preliminary program and is subject to change.

Important dates:


Submitting abstract propositions (subject, title):                                                                30 June 2019*

Submitting abstracts:                                                                                                     31 July 2019

Submitting registration form:                                                                                          31 August 2019


Payments deadlines:

Basic and reduced fee**:                                                                                               30 June 2019

Increased fee:                                                                                                              31 August 2019

Accompanying person fee:                                                                                             31 August 2019


Congress Calendar:

General Assembly of the PTMSiK members                                                   18 September 2019, at 2 p.m.

Opening ceremony                                                                                     19 September 2019, at 9 a.m.

Closing ceremony                                                                                       20 September 2019, at 6 p.m.


* – During the reviewing process the presentations which link different fields of forensic science and which may draw the biggest audience will be favorably qualified to the main sessions – the organizers reserve the rights to make changes to the schedule of main, thematic and poster sessions.


** – reduced fee applies to participants up to 35 years of age, retired and honorary members of the PTMSiK

Participation costs:


Congress fees:


  • reduced fee (preferential)**                                                                                                  350 PLN
  • basic fee (regular)                                                                                                                500 PLN
  • increased fee (received after 30 June 2019)                                                                            600 PLN


The fee for the congress participants includes participation in all scientific sessions, conference materials, coffee and refreshments during breaks, two lunches (19.09, 20.09), participation in the gala dinner (18.09) and a social event (outdoor event) combined with dinner (19.09).


  • accompanying person fee                                                                                                      250 PLN


The fee for accompanying persons includes participation in the gala dinner (18.09) and a social event combined with dinner (19.09).


All congress fees must be paid into the account provided in the registration form.


Please note:

  • failure to pay the fee by 31 August 2019 will be treated as resignation from participation in the Congress.
  • in case of resignation from participation in the Congress after 31 August 2019, the organizers do not refund the fee.




Links to download electronic registration and presentation forms:


registration form

presentation form



Confirmation of registration and presentation forms will be made only by email immediately after verifying the completeness of the received information and after being accepted by the Scientific Committee of the Congress.

The author will be notified to which session the presentation was qualified (main, thematic or poster) via email.



Conference participants are invited to make reservations by contacting the hotel reception individually. For conference participants and guests special arrangements have been made with some selected hotels in Lublin and a number of rooms was reserved. Unconfirmed reservations will be held till 16 August 2018 and after this time the booking is not guaranteed by the Organizers.



List of hotels with reduced prices for Congress participants.

Keywords: „XVIII Congress of the Polish Society of Forensic Medicine and Criminology” (the deadline for special offer is 16 August 2018 or until the reserved rooms are available):


Hotel Forum, Obywatelska 8 street

tel. +48 81 452 85 00; mobile: +48 519 404 408; recepcja@hotelforumlublin.pl 

  • double room, breakfast included- 250 PLN/day
  • single room, breakfast included - 170 PLN/day
  • inner parking – reservation not required; extra payment may be charged


Hotel Hampton by Hilton, Aleja Kompozytorów Polskich 1

tel. +48 81 477 90 50; hampton.lublin@hilton.com 

  • double room, breakfast included - 270 PLN/day
  • single room, breakfast included - 230 PLN/day
  • underground parking - 30 PLN/day


Hotels Lublin, Podzamcze 7 street

tel. +48 81 747 44 07; mobile +48 601 799 386; info@hotels-lublin.pl (40% down payment required)

  • 3-bed room, breakfast included - 225 PLN/day
  • double room, breakfast included - 179 PLN/day
  • single room, breakfast included - 120 PLN/day
  • free parking


Apartamenty Browar Perła, Bernardyńska 15 street

tel. +48 81 71 01 208; mobile +48 667 997 103; apartamenty@perla.pl

  • 5-bed room, breakfast not included - 360 PLN/day (10% discount offered)
  • 4-bed room, breakfast not included - 330 PLN/day (10% discount offered)
  • 3-bed room, breakfast not included - 300 PLN/day (10% discount offered)
  • double room, breakfast not included - 250 PLN/day (10% discount offered)
  • single room, breakfast not included - 170 PLN/day (10% discount offered)
  • free parking
  • our guests have the option of taking advantage of free sightseeing of the unusual underground route of the Perła Brewery. The guided tour ends with a beer tasting.


Domy Studenckie UM w Lublinie, Chodźki street

tel. +48 81 448 57 42, +48 81 448 57 12


  • single room - 75 PLN/day
  • double room - 110 PLN/day

Please note, the number of rooms is limited .


Selected offer from other hotels:


Hotel Victoria, Narutowicza 58/60 street

tel. +48 81 532 70 11 - 13; mobile +48 577 600 903; info@victorialublin.pl 

  • double room, breakfast included - 200 PLN/day
  • single room, breakfast included - 150 PLN/day


Hotel Locomotiva, Północna 28c street

tel. +48 81 441 19 99; info@lokomotiva.pl 

  • double room, breakfast included - 269 PLN/day
  • single room, breakfast included - 209 PLN/day


Hotel Ilan, Lubartowska 85 street

te. +48 81 745 03 47;mobile +48 506 196 017; recepcja@hotelilan.pl 

  • double room - 212 PLN/day
  • parking


Apartament Cube, Józefa Mackiewicza 9 street

mobile +48 502 020 501; kontakt@cube.pl 

  • 170 PLN/day / apartment


Hotel PZM, Bolesława Prusa 8 street

tel. +48 81 533 42 32; rezerwacja.lublin@pzm.pl 

  • single room 170 PLN/day


Hotel Campanile, Lubomelska 14-16 street

tel. +48 81 531 84 00; mobile +48 223 072 337; info@hotel.info 

  • 175 PLN/day


Grand Hotel, Krakowskie Przedmieście 56 street

tel. +48 81 446 61 00; grandhotel@lublinianka.com 

  • single room 310 PLN/day


Hotel Europa, Krakowskie Przedmieście 29 street

tel. +48 81 535 03 03; rezerwacja@hoteleuropa.pl 

  • 206 PLN/day


Hotel Wieniawski, Sądowa 6 street

tel. +48 81 459 92 00; mobile 515 595 507; info@hotelwieniawski.pl 

  • 203 PLN/day


Hotel Alter, Grodzka 30 street

tel. +48 81 516 90 90; mobile +48 601 902 800; recepcja@hotelalter.pl 

  • 600 PLN/day/person


Rezydencja Waksman, Grodzka 19 street

tel. +48 81 532 54 54; waksman@waksman.pl 

  • 190 PLN/day 


Rezydencja Cleopatra, Grodzka 26 street

Mobile +48 739 078 136; rezydencjacleopatra@rezydencjacleopatralublin 

  • 170 PLN/day 


Apartamenty Kamienica Muzyków Lublin, Rynek 16 street

Mobile +48 500 727 555; kamienicamuzykow@komienicamuzykowlublin 

  • 260PLN/day 


Hotel Grodzka 20, Grodzka 20 street

tel. +48 81 524 11 02; hotelgrodzka@hotelgrodzka20 

  • 206 PLN/day  


Dom na Podwalu, Podwale 15 street

tel. +48 81 532 41 38; recepcja@domnapodwalu.pl 

  • 120 PLN/day


The number of rooms is limited and early booking is advisable.

Information for authors


The participants will have the opportunity to present their presentations in four ways:


  • presentation in the main session (estimated time – 15 minutes, including a short discussion)
  • oral presentation in a thematic session (estimated time – 10 minutes, including a short discussion)
  • poster presentation (in the form of a vertical printout with a standard format up to 70 x 100 cm)
  • electronic presentations (size A3 - 300 DPI, maximum size in pixels 3500x5000, orientation portrait, PDF file format - one page only)


Abstracts (of each type of presentation) prepared in a structural form in accordance with the attached template (menu Files for download: presentation form.docx) should be sent by e-mail to the address: zjazdptmsik2019@umlub.pl; the preferred form of the presentation should be selected.



Accepted abstracts will be included in the conference materials (provided that the congress fee was made).


Due to the time required to prepare and print the congress materials, they will only contain abstracts sent by 31 July 2019.


Papers presented during the Congress, after positive review process will be published in the journal "Archive of Forensic Medicine and Criminology".






Chair and Department of Forensic Medicine of Medical University of Lublin



Jaczewskiego 8b (Collegium Pathologicum)





Postal code:




+48 81448 6470

+48 81448 6480



+48 81448 6471




Files to download:


Invitation letter

invitation letter.pdf 


Registration form

Registration form.docx


Presentation form

Presentation form.docx


The congress messages will be successively updated on the website:


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Privacy statement

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